[DEEP DIVE] Drone Technology

[DEEP DIVE] Drone Technology

Tuesday, 18th May | 14:00 – 15:00

DEEP DIVE: “Why Are Flying Robots a True Game Changer?

Walter Kirsch, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, System Architect, Austria
Stephan Weiss, University of Klagenfurt & Networked Systems Group, Full Professor, Austria
Melanie Schranz, Lakeside Labs, Senior Researcher, Austria

From swarm intelligence to quick deliveries and scanning of avalanche areas, drone features are proving to be extremely beneficial in places where human is unable to perform in an efficient manner. Increasing work efficiency and productivity, decreasing costs, and improving accuracy. The adoption of drone technology is becoming a mega-trend as many industries realized its potential and the scale of global reach. The question is how will drones influence the future of your industry?

Carinthia recognized the potential and systematically invested in the infrastructure in drone technology. Today the University of Klagenfurt has the largest and most modern flying hall in Europe. Lakeside Labs, which deal with Swarm Intelligence, the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems, and the Institute for Smart Systems Technologies of the University of Klagenfurt are international forerunners in their field. A 5G network was set up so that the solutions of the future can be developed. The University of Klagenfurt, Lakeside Labs, FH Kärnten, and Infineon form the growing international drone hotspot in Carinthia.