[PROGRAM BLOCK] Greentech & Circular Economy

Tuesday, 18th May | 10:00 – 12:00

TALK: “Will Unicorns Save the Planet? A Recipe for Double Bottom Line Investing”
Jonathan Medved, OurCrowd, CEO, Israel


TALK: “Building Purpose-Driven Startups and Building a Circular Industry”
Alina Bassi, Kleiderly, Founder & CEO, Germany


TALK: “Recycling Plastic Is Not Enough. We Have to Think More Radically”
Ami Rubinstein, Sulapac, Deputy CEO, Finland


TALK: “How Do Trust, Traceability and Technology Relate to Sustainable Development Goals?”
Louise Mercer, Everledger, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Australia


FIRESIDE CHAT: “Business Models of the Future”
Sia Houchangnia, Seedcamp, Partner, UK
Moderator: Daniel Cronin, AustrianStartups, Austria